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Building relationships across cultures through food, travel, and the arts. 

Since 2010, Niki Nakazawa has worked as a consultant, fixer and interpreter to clients in Mexico City and around the globe. 

Photo by Julia Sherman

Photo by Julia Sherman

Niki Nakazawa 

Niki Nakazawa is a natural connector who has cultivated a deep network of friends and collaborators across creative fields in food, art, design, music, and film. After moving to Mexico City in 2007, she served as managing editor of books at the art, architecture, and design publishing houses Turner Libros, A&R, and Arquine. During this time, she supervised the edition and publishing of over 20 different titles before moving on to direct public relations & sales at the contemporary art gallery LABOR. In 2012, she left the gallery world, shifted gears, and founded the experimental pop-up restaurant and catering company Pichón. Pichón started as a weekly Sunday brunch pop-up of simple food prepared with ingredients sourced locally from the Valley of Mexico. Over time, the ongoing search for local ingredients transformed Pichón into more than just a pop-up, becoming a vehicle for research which deepened Niki's knowledge and interest in Mexican culinary traditions, products, and history. On her quest to learn more about Mexican ingredients, Niki crossed paths with Max Rosenstock, who introduced her to the incredibly diverse and wild world of mezcal and later invited her to form part of the small brand Neta Mezcal, sourcing spirits from the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca. 

As a fixer and producer, Niki pulls from an international network of friendships built over the course of over ten years of working across cultures and creative disciplines in Mexico. She has a keen intuitive sense of who to connect to who, and her introductions have led to many lasting friendships and working relationships. Beyond her talent for meeting and connecting people, she has developed a deep knowledge and love for Mexican cuisine and mezcal which she is enthusiastic about sharing. 

Niki was born in North Carolina and raised in the Boston area. In 2007, she earned a BA with honors from the University of Chicago in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, where she explored the encounters between Mexican history, aesthetics, critical theory and Central European literature. She is also a singer


Mexican ingredients and traditional cooking; Mezcal; Mexico City street food; Xochimilico; Oaxaca City; Mexican food tourism; Mexican contemporary art, architecture, and design


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The original PIchón team. From right to left: PJ Rountree; Kenny Curran; Niki Nakazawa; Emma Rosenbush

The original PIchón team. From right to left: PJ Rountree; Kenny Curran; Niki Nakazawa; Emma Rosenbush

Arbol Espejo SA de CV

Niki Nakazawa and her partners Paul Nakazawa (strategic business consultant), PJ Rountree (photographer), and Kenny Curran (chef), established the company Arbol Espejo SA de CV in 2013 as a Mexico City-based business platform that offers services ranging from catering and event photography to consulting.